A amazing weekend

Sorry, I know "Why haven't you posted, it's Thursday and you got back on Monday." Ok so I could have but I was so tired,unbelievably so. Relay I was in no fit state to post, (all you would have got would have been a lode of gobbledy-gook). So I went to camp bestival with my dad, brother and friend.
Pictures YAY

My magical hunters with Jack wills socks
These are from the first day and that was so good, I saw so many amazing people but my star was Lara Marling, she is a normal love  so it was a massive privilege to see her. 

Ha Ha on the second I relay didn't tack any pictures and defiantly few descent ones. The first is of my bag (I've had it forever) I didn't carry about much because if I did want to get a aki arm and did not want to leave by bag to get swallowed up by the crowed. Also I saw Elize Dolittle, SO amazing she was so good at pumping up the crowed, you could tell that that the security were relay annoyed when she jumped on the speakers it was soooo good.   
Drinking Coconut Best thing ever

Birkenstocks, DIY shorts, Beatels shirt by H&M  also black tank by H&M, charity shop
 neclase and sunny s from St Ives 
Yum Yum Fresh Cocanut

A witches kitchen

Fire works


  1. mm Coconut :) great photos

    xo Camilla


  2. this looks like so much fun! and I'm jealous of the fresh coconut...

    <3 Alison

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  3. Lovely post!
    Loving your blog!
    Maybe we can follow eachother?!


  4. Ha ha thank for the grate comments and fresh coconut is much better than the brown one


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