Levi shirt at the tower

 BANG, BANG the sound as I knocked on the door, (Yes me, me Dee. So what am I doing here? Well we will be see, because I am D. What I got for all my efforts at knocking was know answer. I built my self up saying when I get there, he will care.He will want me. Maybe I should say who he is. Well he is mine, sort of he would have been if he was not wanted by  (not the law) a evil spirit and his minion Natasha, (I'm not shore about the spirit I might just be Natasha). She has got him and I don't care to say how that happened. But anyway she lives here in her big tower this is where we me and ow I forgot to say his name Alex (short for Alexander) first met. I am getting away from the point, so when I get no answer I start searching the woods I'm running Franchitti running but I find no one I cant help but smile because of the beauty of the forest but it dose not take long until I start to cry. I sob and sob and don't feel like I could ever stop.
I am doing to do posts on this and when I get round to it will create a page where the story will be as well.
 I went out on a day trip with my mum and brother today, so much fun. Even though it did rain for a lot of it, we had a pick nick on top of a big hill so fun rained relay heavily, then went to King Alfred Tower 
 which is were I took the pictures I will post the one I took in a separate post later.Anyway, at the tower you can normally clime to the top, but that was closed (sad face). So we walked around the woods instead. They were filled with forts built by kids.

The skirt is urban the green top is unknown the shoes are converse bag is asos and the shirt is vintage Levi for Liberatys in London (my mum gave it me it was hers) .

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