perfect pearing

TICK - Boots - beige
How cute are these shoes they are by Jeffrey Campbel and I love love love them, I wish that they were mine but sadly they are out of my prise range. I love the grey leather with the paint splatters, I just think that they are so interesting not like some shoes you find.

I think that they go so well with theses trousers by Vivienne Westwood, the black just contrasts so well they would look grate with a plain white shirt. I love the design of these the baggy shape  with the diagonal line across to the button is just grate detail and they look like the fabric is amazing.


PS. I just have to say that it almost the end of my school term so I have allot of projects to finish and bring in hens the lack of posts hope to get back to more soon with a series for you.

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