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Hey Guys

Silence + Noise Printed Double Duty Dress
Maxi dress- Urban outfitters
This urban outftters dress is so cute <3 the print is very feminine and I'm love floral prints at the moment, the top of dress makes me relay happy because it's so simple and got thick straps, I never see printed dresses like this, and just love the way that it falls.
Knitted Rose Rib Cape Cardigan
kape-top shop
Love this just think that goes relay well with dress the simple style of this, I just think that it would look so cute and slouchy. The colour just draws me in, I love it and think that it pairs with the purple on the flowers so well. I just think that it also goes with so much, So I might buy this So HUM
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  1. I love the pieces. I think they are really great colors and are very versatile. You should definitely buy them! Have a great week!


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