Sunny Day with Blue Dress

(Dress- OU, Shirt, Monki, Trainers- Converse and Bag- Vintage)

I have one week left till..... SUMMER..... honestly I can't wait. I feel like I have been slacking with this blog a bit as I so many ideas for post that I am dying to try. But honestly I have not had time; college has started to kick up a pace recently so I have been busy working getting my head around art titles, working out where I will be in September 2014. It's all a bit scary. I have changed so much in the last year as has this blog and my own style. I have got a lot more confident and comfortable in my own skin. This definitely a part of growing older, but I can't say that this blog hasn't greatly helped me get to this point. This summer is going to be so fun, so remember to follow me on all the social media I have because I am sure that I will go mental on it. :)

Haha I have somthing to admit, I love these shapeless, toddler esk dresses. I like the floaty quality that they have, and for this particular one the print of it. (Really it's the fact that I can eat a 3 course dinner and no one is any the wiser).  Although they are not the most grown up of dresses! As I love colors so, I just had to wear it with just the top button done up.


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