Winter is Here

It has taken a turn for the cold here, in England. We are not having good weather at the moment, ow well at least it hasn't snowed yet. Which ment of course that I could not find any socks to wear this morning, so I am wearing socks (they are very nice socks). But my legs are a bit chilly to say the least. I have truly got a complex as I could have worn jeans today but no I thought skirt. And truth be told I was not the one who pointed the trowser thing out to me it was my mum, when I walked though her stables this morning, I relay do need to stop this and wear more trowser as I have had cold for a while now and not wearing tights with skirts is not gonna help it go.

As you must have guessed by my last post I am in a fully christmas mood now and it being winter now it has only heightened my excitement over the whole thing, (which is very scary if you know me as I was very excited before). Mostly for the atmosphere which I drink up, how everybody is so happy, nobody shouting at me or saying I wish I had this as they are busy playing with their new toy. I my self am happy to observe as well as playing with my own toys, (I hope some new cloths, but really I would be happy with a lump of coal). To me the most important Christmas is the atmosphere, and I am already building up to it as I have all my shopping done (not raped yet though, thats for the day or morning before the gifts are gonna be given). Also I can spend my free periods at the Christmas market which is only a 20 minutes walk from my collage. EEEEE such fun.  Especially with all of the yummy food they sell their. I am glad not all my frees fall over lunch or I would be very round by now.

Happy second day of advent also if you celebrate another holiday I hope you are as excited about it as I am for Christmas.
 Lot's of Love

(top and cardigan- vintage, skirt- topshop, wellies - hunter, sock- H&M (old))


  1. I love this look! The combination is really cool and unexpected! You have an awesome blog! Now following! I hope you can check out mine and follow me as well!


  2. I absolutely love Christmas! I am with you. I absolutely love the setting of these photos!


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