On to the beach

Hello my fabulous readers

I love the sea it never fails to make me feel all melon colic. I was down in Cornwall visiting a friend to help her out with her GCSE art and she took some amazing photographs of me.  I love them So thank you to Steph the amazing photographer.

Hang round a lamp post you would think is a silly thing, but it the most amazing of experiences. You feel like you belong in the music video for singing in the rain. You feel like you five on a sugar high it's just that much fun.
 I am wearing a beautiful pair of cord trousers from lottie loves with my ever faithful bag from monki and vintage hobbs shirt I adore the color. The jumper is again ever faithful but is by topshop. I love this outfit and expect to see my new cords a lot.  this has got to be one of my favourite photo's I adore  the way it looks so old
Sitting on a bout tie thing 

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