A Bright day

Hello my beautiful readers

Today it has been uncharacteristically sunny in the Uk, and I have not wasted a second of it. I managed to get up at 9; 9 on a sunday I know I am mad. But once I got up I set about finishing my lovely dress which look most of the morning.

I love sewing this I was so fun. Yesterday I went to to my local fabric shop to choose the pattern and the material (If you want to know the pattern name and number just ask) for this beautiful dress, I think that I spent a least a hour in their in their but it was well worth it. Anyway when I got home I ate a cupcake that I bought in a local patisserie (it was very yummy), then I set about making this amazing dress. It completely screwed my day day up because before that I was planning on making my favourite peanut butter cookies.

As I have said I made my dress. But this outfit is quit simple so I did not want to hide the dress. The shirt is my favourite vintage levi for liberties denim shirt. I am wearing tights in the colour charcoal by M&S (in my option the best place to by tights) My granny loafs are from New look and I think I am gong to have to buy a new pair soon maybe in black because I love them that much. A random selection of jewellery.


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  1. Fantastic post! Your blog is brilliant!!!! You are amazing! Have a great week!!! :-)



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