What my eyes won't tell you

I love the bit of the blur on my eyes for the first photo, it just adds a bit of depth to it. Facal expressions dictate your mood and generally your person, hence they are they easiest thing to lie though. Taking one thing away (such as the eyes) gives you a completely different perspective. Allowing you to use your imagination more thus the photo is more interesting. It's debatable weather I have done this.

 I am supper surprised that the photograph of my top so well (the pictures normally go funny). The top is quite old and something I wear time and time again. So soft! Shirts are a thing which I started off hating and grew to like they just a touch of grunge that I am so in-love with.  That one is by ditto and I got a vintage stall for £5 it had a hole in the arm but I fist that in no time.  Well ow well what to say about the skirt other than eeee I am obsessed with it; the 90's feel just makes me fall for it. What I love about my brown belt is that it brakes up the sea of blue, but at the same time does not make you go wow that a brown belt.

Random  but I love haw you can see Mario cart in the background

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