This out fit is inspired by something I saw Alexander Chung wear, and fell in love with. I love the print of the skirt and it's just so bold, i got it from a charity shop, not able to to let it pass me by. It makes me think of Liberty of London which it could be? Anyway I like to think that it from their because it makes me feel all old worldly as anybody who has seen will testify for. Just think! Of walking in to Liberty and going up the first floor and trying a Alexander Mc Queen, so how that makes me fall in love with Liberty a it more every time I think of it, even if it's never happened. The jumper is my mums SUPPER warm and comfortableness 10 out of 10. The colours on the skirt relay pop with the navy jumper. Stuck with boots and a assortment of jewellery it looks relay good, the one thing I would add is a relay structured bag to carry around a bright red lipstick. 
 Sword fighting with sticks is what you do; when your me. Haha did you do that when you were little? I was massive on my imagination, hence I played  a lot with sticks, they can be anything. Also when I was little you couldn't get me out of skirts and dresses maybe that didn't plays so well together. But still this given me a kind of edge to am, very girlie but afraid to get muddy. A good combo.

 on garde!
Maybe a bit random but a spin move can make all the difference, in winning the fight.

I had so much fun taking photos for this and advise everyone to become 5 again and use their imaginations to play amazing games.

Lots of love



  1. such a cute skirt! love the print and autumnal colors :)

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  2. Cute skirt! =)

  3. I really like the outfit! I also like your blog, so I'm a new follower =)

  4. Thanks for the ultra cool comments sorry I have been so busy with school i haven't posted much, but hopeful I can now, school is almost over


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