You may not know this but I am a big reader. I read everything from magazines (mainly I read fashion ones), books (anything I am both a reader of New teen reads such as The Dark Divine to the amazing world's which Jane Austin has created) not forgetting news papers. I am easily engrossed in books for days barely putting it down, seriously if I relay am into a book I most probably will get two hours of sleep (if any).

I remember my first proper book, it was Harry Potter book three. It start my love afire off with Harry Potter (one which I still have to this day), I think I am relay lucky that my first book was one I have such a good memory of reading. It meant that although I do struggle with reading I wanted to read. From that day I became obsessed with books, I remember turning 11 and hoping a letter would appear on my door step (knowing that it wouldn't), Sometimes I wish that the world of a book could be real, and I could be a my favourite characters. Sometimes I wish silly things.

Books have influenced my views on cloths, what I feels ok to wear and what I feels not. Sometimes all I want to do is be like a book character so I will dress like one. I think that this can be the best thing ever especially if you want to escape your life for a while, they never fail to make me laugh.  So I will be doing some posts based on books so watch out, and don't fail to laugh.
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