A few Prada picks

I think that the pattern on this skirt is so cute and the cut is too die for, it's so neat but the pattern and the red belt bit looks so bright and bold. The shirt is paired so well the colour works so well with the skirts and I love the neckline and the color; so simple but so cute. The boots are rather nice as well I love, when I fist saw them I thought that it was held pumps with socks but when I saw I fell in love.
This dresses pattern
Love red and the trench dress
I love sequins and fur I think the coat brings them together wonderfully.

I could have picked many more but I relay do love theses.

I think that I ow this blogs reader a exploitation and that is that I have just gone back to school and I have been soo busy. I am so sorry for the blogging lack. I think that I need to say that I am not likely to post outfits in the week because of light and time (which I do not have enough of) and is filled with homework and then clapping in a heap. So I hope that you put up with me while I get back into school.


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