80's Jumper and HARRY POTTER

This is my Magazeen reading area so thought you might like to see

Yummy tomatoes they are the best I have ever had so sweat.

 I love this jumper it's so interesting, the selves are the best part of this, you can't relay see them in this picture but they remind me of wings, I feel like batman or something. The colours on this are so amazing, the grey, with the blue-violet and turquoise, the pattern relay intrigues me (I could try and describe it but I relay don't think that I would do it justice). I thought that cuffed skinny jeans went perfectly with this not to over powering; the shoes are simple heals they add a little but does not over power the jumper.
 So you may have seen that I am holding a book in each photo well here it is and if you don't know it's HP6 because this is my favourite one and I love  it. I'm a Harry Potter addict or Geek so I thought that it was time you knew. So I am shore that I am not spoiling it for anyone (if so stop reading now) but just thought that I could tell my best bit of book 6 and maybe (hit do) tell me you best part. So my best bit is when Harry finely gets together with Ginny because I am a romantic and live for that sort of rubbish.

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