Sometimes You Just have to take a bite

Think of a big red juicy apple, it gets handed to you by a wicked witch. You take a bit, you fall asleep, for your prince to wake you up, with a tender kiss which more magical than fairy dust. Or maybe you lose your shoe (or was it a glass slipper) coming down the stair case at the stock of midnight running from your prince, and the truth. For him to come after you, and love you for you. Then You live happy ever after.Maybe this not you, but I am a true romantic (this could lead me to my end, but I always believe the best in people), So you  can what my obsession looked like when I was little and I may say that Cinderella will always have a place in my heart.
This my Cinderella look. It's a modern take on it. I think that if Cinderella was real she would were something knee length, and cover up her shoulders, so that she was a lady.  The brown dress is pretty with a small bit of detail, and then I have put a jacket with a bold print with it. I used simple jewellery to show off the dress and jacket combo.
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