My Harry Potter 7B outfit

 high wasted shorts & jacket by Urban outfitters, Tops (black and Beatles)- H&M, Shoes-River Ireland
Jewellery- DIY
I wore this to go and see harry potter yesterday with my family; I do wish that my outfit was more harry potter themed but I guess that is life. I think that the tee is so cute, I say go to H&M and get one because they are so cute they have lodes of band tees which are from old bands.
Love the harry potter series you don't know how sad I was when I turned 11 and did not get a letter, so I almost cried at the end because it was the last film so it relay felt like the end of my little (smaller child) life. But it relay was a amazing film which I love so much.

After we saw the film we went out to eat, at Jamies Italian, so good I had the most amazing food . The light was horrid so no pictures were taken sadly but still so good. I had so much fun eating with my family we ended up talking about what our desist Ireland dicks would be. That was fun.  

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