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 Hey Guys, 
                 I have decided that my posts are well rubbish so I will be trying to do better quality posts from now on, so I thought that I should start off by saying a bit of background information about me. 
Hey so my name is Sasha (some people call me saav) I am a fashion junky, So I started a blog all about it, I live in a place although it is well dressed (if you count hoddies as well dressed, I don't have a thing agents hoddies but I am talking about holister and Jackwills ect) is not always as excepting odd things (new fashion) as could be, So that can be a challenge.  I live it's beautiful and quit village in the heart of wiltshire even though I do have a habit of getting bored I love it there.  I have grate non-judgemental friends who I love. They all describe as mental in the most lovely and well meaning way also as very artistic. Art is a big love of mine and something that my family encourages me in. My family are very loving and supporting and I love them very much, I live with my mum, dad and brother (as well as a few animals like my my lovely dog lottie ans cat Felex). Am aware that this is going on so am going to stop boring you. I hope you have enjoyed you little insight into my life.



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