Mack up maddness

Hey guys
 I don't know if this a surprise or not but I am make up mad and well proud so I thought that I would just share a few of my fave products:

 -foundation healthy mix -bonrjour this is so good I love the Finnish and how light it is on the skin also has grate coverage.
-big beautiful eyes -  benifit this is my main pallet I uses all the time I love the neutral shades 
-lash mascara- benifit I know some people don't like this but I do I am in love with this and it will be purchased again. It makes my lashes look good.
-lip tint- body shop um well this my fave way to do blush in the summer it's light and is so pretty on your skin.
So these are my most used products at the moment it could change when school lets out, this is obviously because they are for school so I try not to wear lots of make-up

-lip sick 1-  lancome ( rose scare) Loveing pinks at the moment so nice and well don't we all love pink this is very bold and so cute
-lipstick 2- body shop(66) this a cute coral colour a big for summer.
-almost bronzer- clinque this is soo good I am in love I can change the amount according to my skin colour that day.
-lip scrub- lush yum is a defiant word to describe this it tastes so good also it's good for your and makes your lips look tones better.
-lip tint - benifit same as the body shop one
- orange nail vanish- um don't know Love this colour it just such a fun vibrant colour for the summer time defo love.
these are some of my summer must haves well what I think rocks this summer, love the nail vanish and the lip stick. ow the lip scrub tastes like mint coc-chip (so good).

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