Little things

Hey sorry i have not posted in a while but i have been away so this my catch up post. So here some picks form bantham which is were i have been for the last 2 weeks so yeah hope you like them:

Ok so that was the photos but here is my list of thing i need to do:
1. walk the dog more (i do walk her but just not enough
 my mum dose most of the time)
2.Go though my cloth and donate the things i don't wear to charity.
3.Do my home work the day i get it (yeah all the stuff i can) 5 books
5. Get a job (i need more money)
6.Try one new thing each week
7. Remember to get my mum and dad b-day presents.
8.Eat more healthy (cake is healthy in small amounts)
9.Do yoga
lots of love sasha

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