God why am i still thinking about school

ok so how waked up is this its the summer holidays and i keep thinking about school. it sucks its bring me down (ha ha i  sound like a druggie i'm not), but i cant help thinking that i cant enjoy what i have left of summer until everything for school but i know i wont have the stuff until the very end of the summer, guess i will just have to live it. (sorry for the mown)
ok so here is some of the new collection from Johnnie B
Waxed Lined Jacket

Prom Dress
Jersey Frill Dress
Fancy Button Skirt

Mini Skirt
Graphic T-shirt

hey there website is http://www.boden.co.uk/Johnnie-B-Girls-Clothing.html
love this website
ow i was just reading this on teen vogue and this not right http://www.teenvogue.com/connect/blogs/relationships/2010/08/bulimia.html#comments

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