Hello my dearest readers
                                       I know that my posts are irregular to say the least. But I am in the middle of GCSE's and have been overcome with a bad case of revision. Unfortunately this will not be over until the summer. I am rather sad about this fact, and thought that you  would like a explanation.

Onto the post

sO I thought that I would share my ToP three bands/artist of the moment. So let's get started:

Coming in at NuMber One on my list is Ed Sheeran
 I am relay addicted to his music. Me and one of my beat friends are completely obsessed with him. He has got this amazing sound, and I think everyone of his songs has stuck in my head. Ow I and this music video is amazing, it has Ron wesley in it!!! Just that alone means it's amazing.

In Second Place is two door cinema club

I relay like this band, they are just so well cool. I think that the sound that they have is so amazing and quit individual. I could listen to them for years. They are so so so amazing. Check them out.

Finally in third place is the Vaccines
This quit a new discovery, and I have stopped listening to the since I first heard them. They just this rather funky sound. I dare anyone not to love them. They sort of remind me of the sound track to the lion king (I am that cool).  They are quit soft so good to listen to if you have a head ake. 

This post goes out to my dog Lottie. she was a grate dog who I will sourly miss.



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