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Hello their,

Skirt, Cardi and shirt- Topshop tights& jewellery- Unknown shoes- Zara
I love old furniture. It's just got this charm too it, not something that you get with your average peace of Ikea. Plus when ever I see I cant help but think it up a back story, they never can bore me. I love old cloths as well they also have a charm to them but mostly I just love the ways they look. Just thought I would say that the bed covers the snoopy ones on my bed are vintage from my mum, I just adore them.

This outfit feels like a top shop advert, ow well at least I'm not covered in logos.The skirt is my new from the sale, I almost got it full price but decide that I could not justify the money on another denim skirt. But I love it so much. The cardi gives it this slouchy look that I adore. And I do not relay want to say anything else about the top I wear it so much.The boots are old too I am hopefully be getting some new ones soon. 

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