D.I.Y city

Hey guys  (peeps), I am sorry (i do say this a lot) but have not done a outfit post in ages but I lost my camera and only today did I find it.

I am wearing 3 D.I.Y's today, both the tops are and the head band. The red shirt was my dads but when I wanted to D.I.Y something ages and ages ago he let me have it, and the rest is history relay; I re-did the sleeves today and put it on (I was surprised about how good it looked, so it stayed on). Next is the hair band  self explanatory relay, it was a piece of ribbon that I tied around my head and tied beads on the end ( sort of 70's). The next thing and last thing is the the mustard to, it was two pound at a charity shop in Bath. I thought it was relay ugly but being me I saw some potential  in it mainly the colour. So I took it up and turned it into this sort of 60's inspired thing. It's been so hot recently that I decide to wear shorts today, these are from ebay. Also I wore Roxy Flip Flops theses are the most comfortable Flip Flops ever in my opinion.   

Love Sasha

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