Sorry(is something I say far too much)

I feel so bad that I have to once again apologise for the lack of posts, this has no explanation other than the fact  I am too lazy and shall be tisking myself for that fact (I do hope that you can forgive this fact). I have been doing some good I feel I have marked down (come up with) several post ideas which I shall be doing over the next few weeks. So on too my favourite topic of the moment London Fashion week I have been following this avidly and have not been dissipated as I often have, the only thing that let me down was Red label by Vivienne Westwood only because I know she can do better (I am a massive fan of hers she is what got me started on  well watching fashion week I guess). I have a bit of a love hate relation ship with the men's wear, but I feel I will come to love that. I am sad to see the end of another fashion week but am looking forwards to the rest of Fall 2001 and what is in-store me.

As always 
Love From  
PS more that I shall say on Vivienne (I do love her work)

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