When I met the bad teacher

So today I went the cinema with one of my best friend, to see Bad Teacher which is a grate film and I loved it, anybody who wants to see a funny comedy about teachers should see this, part of the reason why I think that I like this is because I am still a school and have to put up with teachers daily (sorry any teachers). When the film finished we decided to do a touch of shopping and I got a few thing. I need to take some pictures of things then I will do a post of the things that I got lately (so look out for that in the next week).
So what I war to that was..........................

 Scarf- H&M Shoes- New Look Skirt- Urban Outfitters Tank- Top Shop (they do the best tanks)
  Jacket- GAP KID's
I love this outfit I wore the other day only breathy though  so I thought that I would wear it again I relay do love wearing scarf in my hair they look so cute. It was nice and sunny today so I thought that I would were something bright.

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