Gone Down the canal


All words that describe going up and down a canal in Southern France (the phrase pretty sick works too). You peacefully travel up the canal by day with only the interruptions of a few locks, to then have drink a glace or maybe a few more of bear, wine ect. It also pretty fun, I’ve even got a tan in the 10 days I’ve been away from the UK aka tanned me is a FREAKING BIG DEAL, proud is an understatement of my feelings for my tan lines. Something is always going on even if it’s looking the view that has captured the imagination many a famous artist.  Aside from that there is all ways the food, croissants never fail in their amazing taste and getting to actually use my summer clothes without feeling that I am about to freezes most of the times is nice too. Overall there is a bounty of good vibes going down the Canal de Midi.

X Sasha X

Pst- the DIY is coming very soon, I filmed the last bit here in France.

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